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Brand Strategy Session


Coaching, consulting and services to help you deliver optimally relevant customer experiences to reach your personal and professional goals.

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Brand Strategy Session

As a savvy marketing or business leader, you understand the importance of strong brand awareness, customer engagement, B2C demand or B2B lead generation. But when your campaigns fall short, it's time to seek help. Don't worry; I've got your back!

My personalized brand strategy coaching sessions are tailor-made to sweep away confusion and bring you clarity and confidence in decision-making. Together, we'll develop or refine your brand strategy, going beyond just marketing and sales information. I'll guide you in laying the foundation for persuasive marketing communications that raise brand awareness, engages, and convert prospects into loyal customers.

With over 15 years of experience, I've worked with clients of all sizes and industries, delivering turbo-charged brand strategies that support marketing goals. I'm here to help you achieve the same success at your own pace. Say hello to a brand strategy that sets you apart from competitors and fuels your growth.  

Price: $200 USD per session. 


Strategic Brand Communications Session

Standing out and captivating your ideal customers is crucial in a crowded marketplace. That's where I come in - an experienced integrated marketing communications strategist with a creative edge, ready to transform your business and marketing goals into compelling brand messages that resonate across all channels and customer touchpoints.

I'll take the time to understand your unique marketing situation and aspirations. Leveraging my 15+ years of integrated marketing experience, we'll tackle the challenges hindering your progress as you become equipped with effective strategies, tactics, and best practices tailored to your pace and preferences.

As we journey and collaborate together, you'll see a  transformation in your marketing communications. Gain newfound clarity and confidence, making leadership decision-making a breeze for your marketing campaigns and creative content production. Get ready to elevate your brand and tangibly impact your audience.

Price: $200 USD per session. 


Copywriting Coaching Session

The art and science of crafting captivating copy demands a strategic and creative approach, especially in today's dynamic digital and multi-media landscapes. And let's not forget the game-changing role of AI, which we'll master together responsibly, effectively, and productively.

If you're a mid-level, junior, or aspiring copywriter seeking assistance, I'm here as your reliable teammate. Whether you're working on projects or tackling tasks, we'll move at your pace, ensuring constant encouragement, support, and empowerment throughout the process.

With over 20+ years of experience in creative strategy, brand development, and digital marketing copywriting for global brands, I bring a wealth of expertise gained from collaborating with diverse agencies, internal teams, and freelancing ventures. Let's embark on this journey together, gaining clarity and confidence to soar ahead in your copywriting endeavors.

Price: $200 USD per session. 


Branding Services

Brand Strategy service is the foundation for all your brand development, communication, and perception management. It is your platform and tool to transform abstract business concepts and marketing goals into a "living" metaphor your customers will be attracted to, easily relate with, build trust, and understand.  This is the heart of your business success.

Deliverables: Brand review, brand research, brand strategy, brand positioning, brand identity, brand expression, and brand experience.


Creative Services

In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, making the right impression matters more than ever. Creative aesthetics play a crucial role in shaping customers' brand perception. It heavily influences how a brand is perceived by its target audience by impacting first impressions, brand identity, emotional connection, perceived quality, consistency and recognition, positioning, credibility and trust, differentiation, and brand storytelling.

Drawing on my creative thinking, copywriting and creative direction experience over the past 20 years, I can develop creative strategies, production teams, and workflows that pull the best ideas and concepts through to produce optimally relevant deliverables and assets aligned with your ideal customer, brand and marketing strategies. 

I can either work as a creative director or consultant with your internal team or creatively direct my innovative team in a done-for-you solution.


Creative audit

Creative direction

Creative strategy

Creative brief development

Creative ideation and concepting

Creative workshop


Concepting and mockups

Content testing

Content writing



Landing pages

Social media ads

Digital advertisements

Banners and buttons






Kiosk creative design 




Color pallets


Icons systems

Photographs and images


Copywriting & Editorial Services

Words--carefully crafted stories, messages, descriptions, specialty lines and content pillars--are absolutely central to your business success. Through my 20+ years as a brand and marketing wordsmith, I'll help you efficiently find the right copy that meets or exceeds your expectations, or I'll work until I do, at my own expense. Experience and native creativity set my writing apart.



Brand language review

Positioning statements

Differentiation descriptions

Value proposition statements



Nomenclature systems

Specialty Lines--tag, theme, campaign, eyebrow

Personality description

Voice and tone descriptors


Message territories, themes and concepts

Campaign ADLOB


Brand key messages and hierarchy

Brand story

Brand narrative arcs and elements


Video talking points and scripts

SEO keywords and copy

Headlines and headers

Body copy

Call to actions

Website copy

Landing page copy

Digital banners and buttons

Social media, web and print ad copy

Email copy

Newsletter copy

Blog articles



Freemium downloads

Sales pitch and presentation decks

Diagrams and illustrations


Prompts for copy content creation and editing

Prompts for visual content creation and edition




Content review and polishing


Customer Insight Research

Whether for brand building, brand, marketing or sales communication, my Optimally Relevant framework specializes in research strategy about your ideal customer.

Collaborating with my blue-chip marketing research associates, I will drill down to a fine-grain view of your ideal customer through qualitative research techniques, data collection and analysis. Then, I'll translate the data into a robust ideal customer persona to anchor and focus the entire project and maximize content relevance and conversions. 

Strategic Brand Communications Session
Copywriting Coaching Session
Branding Services
Creative Services
Copy & Editorial Services
Custmer Insight Research
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