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All your branding, marketing, advertising, public relations and sales rely on your brand strategy.

Do you have one? How do you know you have the best one to grow your business?
                                                                                        I can help.

Gain attention
and stand out from the competition. Build awareness.

your brand promise clearly and compellingly.

the right people.
 Ideal customers.  

Influence customers
to f
orm positive emotional and mental brand associations that influence purchase choice.

your business and marketing growth through greater accuracy, relevance and differentiating value.
TPC Jeff.png

Jeff Moffett, Principal, Triple Point Strategic Consulting

We're very pleased with our project's process and results. Chris is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. We especially appreciated his attention to detail while keeping his eyes on the big picture. He always went the "extra mile."

Yolanda Hernandez, VP Strategic Marketing, HIMMS

Chris Ribaudo’s strategic thinking, branding experience and digital copywriting expertise were a huge plus for launching HX360. He clearly understands the healthcare industry with its myriads of segments. He has a unique talent of blending hard science with human empathy and emotion to achieve an on-brand and persuasive result.


Bryan Sarlit, President, TechXpress

Chris is an excellent brand strategist and creative thinker. His insights sharpened our thinking, communications and content strategy, and his creative copywriting was central to our business rebranding and omnimarketing campaign success.

Dave Levin.jpg

David Levin, Sr. Account Executive, Envision 3

Chris is a detailed thinker, a creative and versatile copywriter who understands what makes clients tick. He knows how to research, ask the right questions and is a fantastic brand strategist too. I highly recommend him.


Jeanett Duncan, President, People Self-Help Housing Corporation

We were very impressed with the brand strategy, creative strategy, ideation and concepting, and creative content Chris brought to the table. He made a difference for us. 

Cathryn Goodman.png

Cathryn Goodman, President, Vibrant

Chris's brand strategy, copywriting and creative services and

experience was a huge positive in helping to develop and

launch the Vibrant brand. I highly recommend him.

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