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Chris Ribaudo

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What You Get


—real-world creative agency and digital marketing experience as well as an established track record of reliability means no "buyer's remorse."


—remote onboarding and collaboration ready, comfortable fit with multi-functional teams or low supervision work contexts, "big idea" and iterative creative process flexibility.


—means faster onboarding, quicker adaptability to fast-paced changes, and shorter turn-around times for your or your clients. More productivity.

Better results

—multi-lens research, strategy and customer-centric approach typically means more engagements, richer experiences, increased conversions, and better results for you or your clients.


—client-driven and professional attitude.

Creative copywriter and strategist with abilities and experience, like:

  • marketing research translation and insights

  • data mining and value proposition design

  • branding, positioning, competitive an creative strategy

  • messaging theming and shaping

  • messaging hierarchies

  • verbal branding

  • ideation

  • high-concept development

  • workshop facillitation

  • client presentation

  • SME interviewing

  • CMS routing

  • Annotating

  • Fact-checking

  • industry regulation

  • feedback revision and document versioning


Writing Expertise

Strategic brand messaging, ad campaign messaging, short-form content (all mediums and channels) brand naming, brand language, headlines and subheads, calls to a action

Strategy Expertise

Marketing research translation, value proposition design, brand strategy, content strategy, creative strategy

Creative Expertise

Campaign and content theming, ideation, concepting, copy modeling

Campaign Expertise

Brand, serve, product launch campaigns, B2B/HCP lead generation campaigns, B2C/HCC demand campaigns, event registration campaigns, global brand campaigns, social media ad campaigns, integrated marketing campaigns

Industry Specializations

HCP and DTC pharmaceutical, healthcare, health insurance, health IT, and medical equipment audiences

Brands Written For

Merck, Takeda, Abbvie, Sanofi, Acadia, Becton-Dickenson, Humana, HIMSS and others

Agency Experience

The Bloc, In Touch Solutions, RazorFish-Publicis, Abelson Taylor and others

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