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Chris Ribaudo

Hi Friends!

I'm Chris Ribaudo--freelance creative copywriter, content writer, brand stylist and digital designer behind Ribaudo Copywriting and Design.


I love making business and nonprofit leader's lives easier through great personal service and high-quality branding, copywriting, content creation and design solutions for digital and content marketing.

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Why Work with Me?

From listening to clients over the years, I can imagine what it’s like being in your shoes. You need a writer, a creative wordsmith for your business or digital marketing, but there are so many to choose from.

You’re not sure whom to hire and you don’t want to make a mistake.

If you’re like most of my clients, you want copy or written content that does more than just communicate information. You want writing that helps differentiate your brand, attract your ideal customers and, depending on your goals, can convert followers into loyal customers.

You want creative copy or written content that’s a competitive advantage, not just information.


So, why might my services be just what you’re looking for?

Language Expertise and Artistry


Before writing can effectively shape customer experiences, it helps to have an in-depth working knowledge of English grammar, creative forms, paragraph shapes, sentence styles, diction and punctuation. These are the “notes” of copywriting and content writing. They must be learned and played well before your customers hear the "music" in your brand storytelling or marketing messages. My education, training, and writing samples reflect this.

Creative and Conceptual Thinking


Copy and content don’t start with written words. They start in the heart and mind. The copy you use for branding and digital marketing outwardly reflects the inner, unseen realm of your brand’s thoughts, feelings and attitudes towards clients or customers. My collaborative style, track-record, proprietary approach to audience analysis and creative and conceptual thinking demonstrate clients love my copy—and so do their customers.

Career Experience


Experience is another direct influence on the words chosen for branding and marketing copy. On my career path, I’ve had the experience of serving as a creative marketing director (SMG Consulting) creative director (Envision 3), chief brand and digital marketing director (Livingstone Corporation), and inbound digital marketing manager (OneMain.com).

My copywriting and content writing have appeared in digital marketing campaigns of companies of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

In addition to writing directly for my clients, I’ve done creative writing, concepting and branding work for clients of some of Chicago’s major agencies, like InTouch Solutions, Razorfish Health and Abelson Taylor.


What I've Learned. What I Believe.

If you're looking for a copywriter to partner with who can help you increase branding, digital marketing, B2B lead generation, B2C demand generation or revenue productivity, I believe my experience and qualifications above can be rich and relevant assets you can leverage immediately.


As a copywriter and creative wordsmith, one lesson I've learned is that, while these qualifications are critical, they still aren't the highest qualification to look for in a copywriter. That priority, in my opinion, goes to emotional intelligence and empathy.

I believe that alluring visuals, dazzling design, integrated and multi-platform communication may be enough to reach your target audience, but these are rarely enough to influence and persuade them. The same with "good enough" or copy mill writing.


I believe, to move beyond transactional customer relationships into profitable, long-term ones you need words that speak to the heart as well as the mind, words that can touch people's pain, aspirations or dreams in order to measurably and profitably motivate them to action.

Let's Talk

Interested in learning more? Either book a free 30-minute initial consultation here or email me through my contact form here.


It's your choice.