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Copywriters! Ask creative leaders behavioral questions in the interview process

It seems like it may be a good fit. You've passed the LinkedIn page, resume review and initial HR interview. You made it to the next round. The next step is to interview your prospective manager and other team members.

When you meet with your prospective manager, instead of asking theoretical questions, ask behavioral ones. For instance,

Don't ask, "Is there room and opportunity to move ahead?" Instead, ask, "When was the last time you were promoted?"

Don't ask, "How much PTO is there?" Instead, ask, "How much PTO time have you taken this year?"

Don't ask, "How are conflicts among team members handled?" Instead, ask, "Tell me about a time you had to resolve a conflict with a team member and how you successfully managed and resolved it?"

Don't ask, "How are mistakes handled?" Instead, ask, "What was your response the last time something seriously went wrong?"

Don't ask, "How important does the agency take mentoring?" Instead, ask, "Tell me about a recent time you received mentoring you valued?" Then, follow up with, "Tell me about your most satisfying experience mentoring others. What made it so?"

As a copywriter, you will no doubt have questions about the creative process and types of writing projects you will be doing.

But no matter how exciting and marvelous the answers to these questions may be, all your creative and writing activities take place in the context of your relationship with your manager.

In the search process, it's a two-way street.

The prospective manager will interview you for team fit. So be sure you do the same.

Ask behavioral questions to assess how well they fit your expectations and align with your values before you accept an offer.

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